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‘I Made BitPay Obsolete,’ Says BTCPay Dev, Nicolas Dorier

Bitcoinist caught up with Nicolas Dorier, a developer of open-source and self-hosted Bitcoin payment processor alternative, BTC...
Jan 11, 2019

Query the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain With’s Dedicated Bitdb Node

Over six months ago, launched a dedicated development page for programmers working on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) networ...
Jan 11, 2019

Block Propagation Startup Bloxroute Partners With Mining Operation Rawpool

On Thursday, Bloxroute Labs announced a partnership with the China-based mining operation Rawpool Group and global video commun...
Jan 11, 2019

Run Bank Run

As we know, a number of French cities have been the scene of protest recently. The protesters, distinguished by their yellow ve...
Jan 11, 2019

China Announces New Regulations for Blockchain Companies to ‘Promote Healthy Development’

China is coming down hard on blockchain companies, even though the government appears to favor blockchain over cryptocurrency. ...
Jan 11, 2019

Here’s Why 51% Attacks Don’t Affect Price

51% attacks are catastrophic in the cryptocurrency world–or are they? 51% attacks may be a little bit scary but here’s why they...
Jan 11, 2019

Bitwise Asset Management Files With SEC for New Bitcoin ETF

Bitwise Asset Management is the latest American financial firm to seek regulatory permission for launching a bitcoin ETF. The c...
Jan 11, 2019

Nick Szabo: Central Banks Might Switch From ‘Physically Vulnerable’ Gold to Bitcoin

Central Banks might resort to cryptocurrency reserves as means of supplementing national gold reserves according to veteran cry...
Jan 10, 2019

5 Crypto Exchanges Have Been Licensed in Gibraltar Since Regulation

Several known crypto companies have been granted licenses to operate from Gibraltar since the British overseas territory adopte...
Jan 10, 2019

Research Firm Charts Unspent BTC and Calls a Market Bottom in Q1 2019

“How many unspent bitcoins exist?” “How many bitcoins have been lost?” “How many bitcoins are left sitting in wallets, and how ...
Jan 10, 2019